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Chariot is a hybrid payments system: A bank-compliant, distributed ledger payments network designed to scale linearly and to provide extremely low cost, instant settlement payments.

There is no better network designed specifically to remove the most inefficient components of the current payments system from merchant’s point of sale all the way to bank integration. 

We do offer a White Label Partnership Agreement for Banking and Financial Institutions. Contact us to learn more.

Chariot Payments does NOT utilize blockchain or crypto-currency to offer its secure and efficient Centralized ledger solution for a tamper-proof log of transactional activity.

Distributed Ledger Technology is useful for several financial processes because of the potential it provides for a secure, digital alternative to traditional banking processes which are often bureaucratic, time-consuming, paper-heavy, and expensive.

Distributed Ledger Technology brings value to the transaction. These ledgers are ideal because they cut down on operational inefficiencies (which ultimately saves both users and financial institutions money).

Chariot’s Centralized and Distributed Ledger provides greater security due to their decentralized nature, as well as the fact that they are immutable.

Other P2P payment applications are limited by today’s underlying payment rails. These rails were built in the early 1980’s and were not designed for a hyper-connected, globally scalable, always on (24/7/365) platform-based economies serving hundreds of millions of businesses connecting billions of accounts (social media, DeFi, etc).

Chariot moves payments from the old rails to the cloud – merging an ultra scalable distributed ledger network with the globally reaching cloud networks. Payments should not suffer from “Bank holidays” or “Banking Hours” – Chariot settles transactions instantly, moving money seamlessly without the burden of antiquated technologies.

Where Chariot is going, We don’t need Rails.

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