Providing Trust in Payments Transactions Across All Industries

In this time of rapid global financial transformations, Chariot’s Centralized Ledger has been developed to provide trusted payment transactions for the ultra-scalable networks that have risen over the past 10+ years – Economies of Social Media, Traditional Media, Web 3.0, Supply Chain and more.

From multi-national platform technologies, individuals and companies alike need instant, trusted payments to power their modern marketplaces. Chariot provides transaction capabilities through its modern, bank-compliant, DLT payments network and dynamically scales to meet the needs of 21st Century economies, while bringing the best security and speed that DLT provides.


Chariot will allow ease of use across mobile devices to meet the needs of users on their platforms of choice.


Chariot’s DLT network will scale dynamically – bringing the need for payments up to the scale of today’s economies.


Chariot utilizes multiple layers of redundant compliance and security measures: A triple-signature algorithm and end-to-end encrypted network further hosted on an encrypted production environment.

For Everyone

Chariot is extremely adaptable and can be easily extended to support various payment scenarios for all individuals and organizations

Dynamic Scalability with Simplified Payment Processes

Chariot Payments has designed and built a modern, trusted, secure and ultra-scalable Peer-to-Peer payments system that removes gateways, processors, issuers, and all points of friction to deliver instant settlements between individuals, businesses, large enterprises, banks and financial institutions.

Chariot removes risk, fraud, and slow settlement times to facilitate the flow of money between the old and the new economies of the future.

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Chariot Payments Peer to Peer System
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